Live Streaming Yoga!

What is Ganja Yoga?

Ganja Yoga is the combination of marijuana with yoga exercises. The relaxing and calming effects of cannabis make most people more relaxed, focused, and flexible during the practise of yoga. If this is new to you I'd invite you to give it a shot. No need to get super high, just start slow and see if it helps your yoga experience.

What is GanjaYoga.TV?

This site offers free live streaming and recorded Ganja Yoga classes. Membership is FREE, sign up now and give one of our recorded classes a shot! Watching LIVE is the best experience, check the schedule now and join in. This site runs on donations so please support us! If you can't afford to then please share and like our social media pages that helps incredibly! Thank you!!

Meet our Teacher

Our teacher is the wonderful Lu Pancini. Lu has been teaching Ganja Yoga Classes for nearly 7 years. Lu is passionate about her practise and loves to help people discover yoga and its incredible benefits.

The original "House of Yoga" was actually Lu's rustic home in the suburbs of Montreal, she shared it with many loving students before moving to Toronto 6 years ago. The House of Yoga in Toronto started shortly after and remains there today on Bloor St just east of Christie station. Lu's interests go well beyond just exercise and involve all aspects of self improvement. From self examination to eating healthy and staying active. She regularly posts videos about recipes she's found, thai massage moves she's learned and all sorts of hilarity that happens in her home. Sign up for free trial and check out the Vlog section, you will die laughing at their random but incredible adventures.

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