Live Streaming Yoga!


What is Ganja Yoga?

Ganja Yoga is a new kind of yoga experience. It combines consuming cannabis with the practice of yoga. This combination allows participants to focus more, to go deeper into poses and provides a warm, relaxed environment to do Yoga.
This is not new, Yogi’s have been doing this for ages. We are just the first to be open about it.

At the House of Yoga we offer Ganja Yoga classes throughout the week. Three times a week we stream these classes live on this site so that people around the world can enjoy these amazing classes in their home.

These classes have attracted an amazing group of people and every class is overflowing with participants which is why we are starting this site. In addition to our local clients we have requests from all over the world to provide classes to them some how. This simple, affordable and engaging website is our answer to those requests.

Our Instructors

Lu Pancini

Lu is the owner of The House of Yoga and co-founder of GanjaYogaTV. She has been teaching ganja yoga for over 7 years and boasts a diverse knowledge of multiple yoga disciplines

Joey Lundergreen

Joey co-manages The House of Yoga and is one of it’s original members. He has many years of experience teaching ganja yoga and offers a wonderful and unique yoga experience.

Who is the Teacher?

The teacher will be the incredible Lu Pancini. Lu grew up in Brazil and moved to Canada in her early 20’s. Her yoga expertise reaches back to Brazil. She began her first professional teaching in Montreal 8 years ago and moved to Toronto shortly after. Lu is more than a teacher to her students, she is also a friend and a guru offering help, love and guidance to any of those who seek it.

Lu has a big heart and those who know her will speak about her in the highest regard but when it comes to Yoga and her classes she has a black belt in kicking ass. This is one of the hardest Yoga classes in Toronto and Lu makes you work hard every single time.

Where do these classes happen?

These classes are primarily streamed from The House of Yoga but we will also have featured classes which will be streamed from parks and other yoga studios across Canada and the world. The House of Yoga was started by Lu Pancini in 2011 in her home, hence the origin of the name. Shortly after she opened the current studio at 714 Bloor St and she has been growing her business ever since.